A basketball player looking at the huupe with the screen lit up on the backboard

huupe’s  Technology

Our smart basketball hoop is a type of hoop that uses technology that enhances the playing experience. Some of the features of the world’s first smart basketball hoop include:
  • Interactive games and challenges amongst yourselves or people from around the world
  • Track your progress against other people from around the world by sharing your stats
  • Having the best feedback on your shooting analysis that will help players improve their skills
  • Sensors to make shots that will provide stats in real-time

Being the first smart basketball hoop, we are proud of all of the hardware and software that is designed for both indoor and outdoor conditions. 

Having AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps the huupe understand natural language, recognizing images, making decisions, and solving problems that would help you become the best basketball player that you can be.

The IoT (Internet of Things) also allows these objects to collect and exchange data. The IoT devices are able to communicate with each other and the internet, enabling remote monitoring, control, and automation of various systems and processes. This helps with having access to track ball trajectory, player movements, and other necessary information to help you make the best decisions.

Machine learning applied to basketball refers to using algorithms to make predictions about basketball games that would help with player performance.  These models can be trained on different datasets of player statistics, performance, or anything else that would be relevant to identify patterns that would allow a player to make the most informed decision on training or strategy. 

With our top of the line machinery, we are excited to present you with the best technology to help you become the best at your game.

huupe will be the best basketball hoop on the market.

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