Katja van Koten Verified huupe Coach

Coach @ Sparkling Speech

London, United Kingdom (GMT)

Coaching Focus: communication Coach, self improvement Coach, worklife balance Coach

Knowledgeable In: HSP, confidence coaching, public speaking, speech writing, personal development, training, project management, change management, communication

Languages: English, Dutch

About Katja

For Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Introverts who struggle to get their deep thoughts out of their heads with clarity and confidence and don’t see the value of their experiences, I offer specialised coaching on confidence, communication, public speaking and speech writing.
Unlike general (public speaking/ life) coaching my coaching helps you communicate your many valuable thoughts, ideas and stories effectively and energetically. In addition my coaching helps you build self-esteem, to have a more positive mindset and to find your sparkle.

Coaching Approach

Often coaching is focused on ‘big’ changes in life, whether that is in career, relationship or health. My coaching isn’t. Through my client’s experiences I have learnt the value of ‘little things matter’.
At the heart of my approach to coaching is my core belief that it’s the gentle steps my clients take in their life’s journey that have the most profound impact.
As a coach I encourage my clients to identify and value these gentle steps; to recognise and appreciate what they have already done on their life’s journey; and to support and spur them to take a more positive attitude to life.
As a result I help my clients to build their self esteem; to become more confident in their capabilities and to be more self assured in their communication, whether that is one-to-one with a friend, in a meeting with colleagues or in front of a group of people they don’t know.
As a coach specialising in helping my clients build confidence I’ve noticed that a gentle and critical step for (almost all) my clients is what they say to themselves. By actively listing to what they say and do during our session I challenge this self talk, raise their awareness of it and explore actions to counteract them.
My coaching is non-directive as I believe my clients always have their own best answer. I help them draw out these answers not only by thought provoking questions, but also by giving them time and space to think.
This reflection stimulates them to make better choices for themselves, to envision a life befitting their potential and to see their way forward with optimism and confidence!

College / University
  • Leiden University
    MA, History
Coaching Experience
  • 2 years
Professional Accreditation
  • Qualified Professional Personal Performance Coaching, Merit, (The Coaching Academy, London, UK, 2015-2016).
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