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Bedfordshire, UK

Coaching Focus: self improvement Coach, career Coach, communication Coach, productivity Coach, worklife balance Coach

Knowledgeable In: Coaching, Service, Sales, Hospitality, Leadership with heart, Team Development, Training & People Development, Healthy Communications, Resilance, Overcoming Adversity

About Naetha

Passionate, inspirational coach & mentor
I believe we can all overcome adversity and hardship to live the life we desire and dream of. When I connected my skills from counselling, leadership & service, with my experience with young adults; I knew that a combination of my skills could make a difference. When combined with coaching, mentoring and training and a heart that truly wants to help others succeed; I had found my calling. Life can be hard, life can be good - coaches and mentors can help you achieve greatness.

Coaching Approach

College / University
  • San Jacinto College Texas; Coaching Academy
    Counselling, Coaching
Coaching Experience
  • Less than a year
Professional Accreditation
  • DDI Trainer and Facilitator (Service and Leadership)
  • LCDC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counsellor) Texas, USA Certified 1991
  • Coach
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This is a great book; there are several more that have been written Inner game of Golf, Music and Business!  Keep reading, never stop learning.

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