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Coach/Consultant @ Saber Coaching

Boston, Ma (EST)

Coaching Focus: career Coach, professional skills Coach, self improvement Coach, productivity Coach

Knowledgeable In: Coaching, Change Management, Career Transitions, Learning, Public Speaking, Facilitation, Organizational Psychology, Team Development

About Mike

As a Coach, Consultant, and Organizational Psychologist, I specialize in facilitating career transitions, navigating organizational change, and increasing productivity. I enjoy partnering with people who are looking to get an edge during a transition. I provide practical and theoretical insights that are distilled to help you reach your goals faster. My diverse industry experience includes military, boutique wine, manufacturing, legal, consulting, coaching, and Information Technology. My skill sets include:
• Career Transitions - career focus, network development, interview preparation, resume review, negotiation
• Leadership Development - goal setting, feedback, time management, EQ, productivity
• Change Management - stakeholder management, change acceleration, communications, training, technology adoption
• Team Development - vision/mission development, annual goal setting, high performing work team development
I can work with you to implement solutions to help you move from good to great in half the time.

Coaching Approach

• Objective Focused – We get specific with what you are trying to accomplish. We work together to define what a good job looks like.
• Positive Approach – Plants grow in the direction of sunlight, so I help you reframe the pain you are moving FROM and focus on the positive aspects of what you want to move TO. For example, you may not like the hectic hours or the requirement to work on the weekend – so we reframe that into looking for an opportunity that provides for weekends off and a more regular schedule that allows for a healthy work-life balance.
• Pull from Within - I believe the door to change is locked from the Inside, so I use exercises and reflection to help you focus and get clarity. For example, I have exercises on identifying strengths, building a community, and others on emotional/cultural intelligence and leadership.
• Confidence Building – Based on the organizational psychology and leadership development background I have, sometimes you need to boost your confidence to navigate the transition. So I focus on finding the positive stories – or when you've been at your best – and build from there.

College / University
  • Duke
Coaching Experience
  • More than 10 years
Professional Accreditation
  • Change Management
  • Coaching
  • Situational Leadership
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Questions Answered by Mike

I take 2 approaches. 

  1. Think like a comedian - start with what frustrates you to get the juices flowing.  If there is something that gets under your skin, follow it to get the juices flowing.  If I start writing about what frustrates me, good things usually come out once the words are flowing.
  2. Write about what people ask you about a lot - or what you see in the news.  Take a stand and let 'er rip.

Good luck! 

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