Kelly Melsted Verified huupe Coach

Board Certified Coach @ Kelly Melsted Coaching

Tucson, United States (MST)

Coaching Focus: career Coach, communication Coach, worklife balance Coach

Languages: English

About Kelly

People come to me when they are feeling stuck and craving more fulfillment. Their unbalanced work life is sucking the joy out of them. They’re craving to communicate with more confidence and ease. And, they really just want to say what they really want to say. I show people how to confidently be unabashedly themselves.

I help them get exactly what they want, which is to find clarity and confidence to be unabashedly themselves, amidst a world hiding behind digital smoke screens & small talk. The skills I teach will help to engage clients, save relationships, and build careers. It’s all about being brave and getting real.

Graduate and certified through Accomplishment Coaching's Coach Training and Leadership Program in Washington D.C. Which is the most rigorous and extensive professional coach training program.

Worked as a mentor coach in two more yearlong coach certification programs. Where I mentored and coached up and coming coaches.

Credentialed with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the only governing body that oversees the coaching profession.

And when I’m not coaching, I can be found delighting during 'sombresa' (that beautiful time at the table we spend connecting after meals), hosting dinner parties, dabbling on my latest Pinterest craft, and chasing blazing sunsets.

Coaching Approach

Set your goals- What does your confetti popping future look like, exactly? How satisfied are you in <insert life area> (e.g. health, career, love life, spirituality, family, money, fun, friends)? Click here to download a your free Wheel of Life Template. This valuable resource that I use with my clients to help your see where you today, and what your paradise would look like.

Define your goals- Together we will create detailed map for your unique goals and a personalized plan to achieve all goals.

Deconstruct Barriers- So, you have read the self-help books, listened to the motivational speaker and set another round of New Years Resolutions that all eventually burn out, now what? Together we will dig deep to clear away limiting beliefs and old patterns that keep you from moving forward. I will partner with you 24/7 to hold you accountable to your dreams and what you say you want.
Where are you giving your power away?

Live your life purpose- Yes, I guarantee to help you achieve your goals. But, I also promise to help you become a better person in the meantime. So that you are not only moving forward in your the areas of your life that you identify but also have you come from a place where you are confident in being unabashed yourself. This is where your power lies, when you live from your essence.

Live out loud- My movement is to help you be even more confident and create real connection in a world distracted by digital smoke screens. Do you often leave a situation feeling like you were kinda fake? Or maybe your words don’t land, or that your staff don’t really “get” what you’re saying? Nobody wants that…but the problem is, “real” communication can be scary. It can feel like we’re being too sensitive or too intense. I will help you work past the blocks that prevent you from being yourself - truly, authentically YOU.

College / University
  • Northern Arizona University
    Batchelor of Science, Parks & Recreation Management
Coaching Experience
  • 5 years
Professional Accreditation
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
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