Jill Ladd Verified huupe Coach


Bromley, United Kingdom ()

Coaching Focus: health and wellness Coach, professional skills Coach, worklife balance Coach, self improvement Coach

Knowledgeable In: Financial Systems, Fitness

About Jill

I am passionate about helping people reach their potential in their health and fitness and inspire them to find time to enjoy activities they love. I have 30 years background in the corporate world as a Finance Systems Consultant but recently have taken a change in career and qualified as a Personal Trainer.
I work as a consultant for Bodyshot. Our clients come to us with very specific goals, but usually these are related to sleep, energy, digestion, weight management, physical fitness or mental health. My coaching is based around functional movement and getting fit for everyday life. I love working in the fresh air and enjoying the great views from beautiful parks any time of day ! We provide bespoke coaching courses using DNA testing and wearable technology, to help achieve the client's goals.
I have also started up a business called 'Not Too Old To' (NOTTOT for short) because since turning 50, I have taken up several different activities and achieved goals that I never contemplated before; running a half marathon, winning a dance competition, deadlifting 70kg, climbing to the top of a climbing wall, tap dancing, being in a boxing ring with a sparring partner, taking Kung Fu lessons and attending an NLP course. At NOTTOT, our goal is to inspire and be inspired by people starting new ventures; achieving their goals and ambitions and expanding their horizons. Our website is an information hub to share, motivate and support people as they begin and progress, whether it be something new or re-kindling a passion from the past. Eventually we hope to collaborate with many partners by proviidng courses and gifts to inspire people to achieve new skills and experiences.

Coaching Approach

Using practical and realistic approaches and drawing on experience and lessons learned. Building in small changes and achievable goals and building in daily habits that make long term differences.

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