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Founder @ Gradstrategy

United Kingdom (GMT)

Coaching Focus: career Coach, self improvement Coach, communication Coach

Knowledgeable In: Procurement, supply chain, project management, it implementation, career development, career progression, career change, higher education

About Benedicta

I run Career Management Agency- Gradstrategy. I provide coaching, mentoring and soft skills training to graduates and young professionals especially those in early careers. I am the author of How to land your perfect career after graduation.

I love helping people into careers they love and I love helping them succeed in the chosen careers.

My specialities in coaching are Career Clarity Coaching and Tailored Career Strategies. Career Clarity- this is for people that need help defining a career path, changing careers, progressing or developing in their careers. This coaching also works when people are stuck in a rut and are trying to figure out how to move forward.

My other speciality, Tailored Career Strategies. This works particularly well for people that have done my Career Clarity Coaching or people who are clear of their career goal but are not sure how to go about it successfully and get results in a short space of time.

Coaching Approach

I ask challenging questions that allow you to have the deep realisations you need to make the change. My solutions are strategically practical, tried and tested. I help people understand their challenges and spur them into taking action.

College / University
  • Coventry University
Coaching Experience
  • 3 years
Professional Accreditation
  • Inhouse Coaching and Mentoring training
  • Master Coach Certificate
  • Coaching and Mentoring Certification (pending)
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Questions Answered by Benedicta

Hello Greg,

I use a mix of a topic generator or my own idea. Sometimes I will have discussions or answers from surveys or social listening that translate into a good blog. The best is to ask because that way you have content with consumers waiting for it not crickets.


Hi Will,

I'm late to the party but I just wanted to add a little to your question. 

Accelerators are great and they will get you around like minded entrepreneurs and that's great- we are the sum total of our companions. But, if you're really after results I would recommend finding a mentor or an accelerator with a mentor in your area of interest. 

A great mentor will open their "Rolodex" and help you achieve more in a much shorter space of time and save you from unnecessary failure by showing you the ropes and limit unproductive time hidden in the distraction of researching things you don't know in order to take a first step.  

If you do take an MBA please find a few examples of that achieved what you want and have a quality conversation. Bear in mind universities will always sell you a program.

One other thing Founders don't always make the best CEOs. So if you get an MBA thinking you will have to manage certain aspects of your business, you might find yourself loathing the business side and enjoying the more practical elements- it's pretty normal. 


Congratulations to you Hayley. I've not been in such a role. If this is similar to Account Management I've worked with many sitting on the other side as the buyer. So I'm happy to give you insight on that basis. Good luck with your new role.

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